Who The Hell Am I?

David “Doc” Joslin

I was an Combat Medic in the Army for almost 20 years. I deployed to Iraq from April 2003 to July 2004 and to Afghanistan from June 2008 to July 2009. I served with some of the best Warriors our Nation has to offer in front line Infantry Battalions and forward Cavalry Squadrons. I had the best job in the military! In 2013 I was medically retired for injuries sustained during my combat deployments – although my time in uniform was over, by dedication to serving the Warfighter never ended.

In 2017, along with fellow Veteran and Air Force EOD Technician, Eric Collier, I helped found Remedy Alpine (www.remedyalpine.org) to continue my service to helping Americans Warfighters. In 2018 we brought on Veteran Army Ranger Luke Bushatz to help balance our team. Finally, in January of 2020, I launched the Bullets 2 Beans podcast series – to focus on and highlight Veterans and Military issues. This is how I continue to serve Americas Warriors!

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