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In Episode 43, Doc talks about upcoming events in Alaska with Remedy Alpine, reviews a second coffee in the series from First Up Coffee Co., and finally shares some insights and opinions on the COVID vaccine controversy that is wreaking havoc across the nation.

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In Episode 42, Doc goes off – hear the discussion around customer service and how this has sufferer through COVID and hear Doc’s personal experience with the worst service imaginable.  In the Grind this Episode Doc reviews Black Ops Blend from First Up Coffee Company.  Finally, in segment two Doc discusses the national employee shortage and how Veterans can once again help our country through a crisis!

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First Up Coffee
The 98 Fund
Maverick Tactical
Remedy Alpine



In Episode 41, Doc Joslin is joined by long time friend, climbing partner, comrade and fellow Senior NCO, Adam Miracle.  They dive into a discussion of “Front Line Leadership” and explore elements of military leadership that carry over to our private lives, civilian leadership and our communities after we leave the service.  The two complete the final review of Devil Dog Coffee with  Fire Watch, a deliciously bold dark roast that is sure to keep you on point!

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Simon Sinek Book – Leaders Eat Last



This week, Doc is rejoined by “Rock” DeRocchi from Episode 36 and The 98 Fund and the two discuss the true meaning of Memorial Day.  Also in this episode, the second coffee review from Devil Dog Coffee – “Get Some“.

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This week Doc J starts off revisiting some transition topics – the importance of resume formatting and proper expectation management for leaders exiting the services.  For the Weekly Grind, episode 39 kicks off a 3 brew series of coffee from Devil Dog Coffee Company – starting with “Reveille“, a light roasted breakfast blend that is sure to get you started on the right track! And finally, Doc opens the first of what is sure to be many discussions around Gold Star Peak – how the mountain got it’s name from 1SG (Ret) Kirk Alkire, the significance of this reverent place, and Doc also shares some of his personal stories of the mountain.

Remember – the Veterans Podcast Awards voting period opens August 7th through September 10th! Bullets 2 Beans is one of the competing shows, so mark your calendar and remember to vote!

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This week Doc takes a look at two current events in America driving the cancel culture even deeper into our society – and how ridiculous this practice is.  Doc reviews a private roast of coffee – roasted by Doc! And then in the final segment, Doc briefly reviews the Afghanistan withdrawal.

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In episode 37, Doc J takes a look at the history of Supreme Court expansion, or “court packing”, and discussed how it has been used in the past to achieve a political advantage. In segment 2, Doc continues the discussion on gun rights and reviews a paper published in the SIU Law Journal that discusses the “Core” Principle of the Second Amendment – Tyranny Prevention, that’s right, not hunting or sport shooting!



In episode 36, Doc J connects with West Point classmates Mark “Rock” DeRocchi and Jason Kostal from Class 1998.  Enjoy the great discussion hearing of the careers of two military officers, their transitions from service, and finally the foundation that their classmates have started – The 98 Fund – and hear of their amazing mission and the work that they do to provide assistance, support and mentorship to the families of their fallen classmates, the West Point community, and the the Veteran population in general.  This week Doc and Rock review Just Black – Cold Brew  from Black Rifle Coffee Company, and along the way they share some options on how to enjoy this delicious beverage during the upcoming hot summers days!
The 98 Fund
Gold Star Peak
Remedy Alpine
Black Rifle Coffee
Kostal Guitars

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This week, Doc spends time with Danique Masingill from Leashes of Valor.  The discussion navigates through her time in the Navy, her transition from service, and finally how she landed on the mission of Leashes of Valor. If you are looking for a story of triumph over adversity, this episode is for you! In the Grind this week, Doc revisits Cactus Creek Gourmet Coffee from Aberdeen, NC, and sips on some Campfire Jubilee – smores in a cup!  YUM!

Leashes of Valor
Cactus Creek Coffee

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This week, Doc Joslin digs in deep, and breaks down eight different gun control measures that are currently being debated and reviewed in Washington.  Some are redundant, some are excessive and wasteful, and some are down right frightening if you are a current gun owner.  We revisit the crew from Black Rifle Coffee and look at Caffeinated as FU&% – not a new blend, but a great one!

Black Rifle Coffee
US Congress Search

Bills Reviewed: H. R. 8, H.R. 30, H.R. 130, S. 190, H.R. 125, H.R. 127, H. R. 1446

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This week, Doc Joslin digs into understanding the current ammunition shortage; social, political and other factors that have us in the situation we are currently experiencing, and trying to predict when things will “normalize” (whatever that means). In segment two, Doc provides some tips on maintaining your shooter skills and training in an ammo-shortage era.

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This week Doc shares his experience with getting the COVID vaccine and goes into detail on “COVID Fog” an associated cognitive deficit that is being discovered in patients that have recovered from the pandemic disease – it’s like the gift that keeps on giving!  We review the FSU blend from Invader Coffee.  Finally, Doc reviews Kennedy Defensive Solutions, talks briefly about the owner, former Navy SEAL Travis Kennedy and talks about his training and program opportunities.

COVID 19 Fog Resources:
Article 1 – Columbia University
Article 2 – NY Post
Article 3 – Loma Linda University
Article 4 – University of Alabama



This week, Doc Joslin discusses some resume and interview tips for transitioning service members.  We review “Flying Elk Coffee” from Black Rifle.  Finally, Doc provides an introduction to Maverick Tactical and reviews their body armor and fitness plates.


Wounded Warrior Project
VA Voc Rehab
Soldier for Life



After a 2 month break, Doc Joslin returns to the show.  This week’s episode catches up with what’s been going in.  We review another coffee from Black Rifle – Freedom Fuel!  Also in this episode, Doc highlights the Scally Cap Mafia, a Facebook group dedicated to style, class respect, and some wicked awesome caps!




This week Doc Joslin shares the story of the rescue of CPT Robert Yllescas! 

Recently the book, “The Outpost” written by author and journalist, Jake Tapper, was made into a full blown Hollywood production.  They got the majority of the story right, but due to production reasoning, they got this piece wrong!  Here the account of the rescue mission that allowed CPT Yllescas to return to his family prior to his passing, told from the Medic who conducted the rescue – Doc Joslin! 



This week Doc Joslin sits down with Father Steven Rindahl, former Army Paratrooper and Rigger turned Chaplain who spearheads a Veteran’s therapy program called Warriors on the Way.  We also visit our third coffee from Cactus Creek Gourmet Coffee roasters from North Carolina and review their “Campfire Jubilee” . 

Fr Rindahl Bio:
Fr Steven G Rindahl joined the Army on the 8th of May 1985.  Chaplain Rindahl began his Army career serving in the Service Company of the 12th Special Forces Group (Airborne), United States Army Reserve.  He served as a parachute rigger both in the reserve and on active duty achieving the rank of Staff Sergeant.  During this time, he completed his Bachelor of Arts in History.  Chaplain Rindahl also served as an Army recruiter in the Dallas Recruiting Battalion where he was promoted to Sergeant First Class.  After his ETS from active duty Chaplain Rindahl returned to the Army Reserve as a member of the 95th Training Division (IT), Grand Prairie, TX.

While in the USAR, Chaplain Rindahl attended Chaplain Officer Basic Course, Ft Jackson, SC, and was placed in the Individual Ready Reserve.  Upon completion of his Master of Divinity from Southwestern and his Master of Theology from Spurgeon’s College, London, England, Chaplain Rindahl returned to active duty with immediate assignment to the Black Knights of the 1st Battalion, 5th Cavalry Regiment, 1st Cavalry Division.  While serving in the Army Chaplain Rindahl continued his education and completed an additional Master of Theology from Cranmer Theological House, and the Doctor of Ministry from the University of Chester with a research focus in Combat Trauma Ministry.

Chaplain Rindahl’s awards include the Master Parachutist Badge, Air Assault Badge, Parachute Rigger’s Badge, Combat Action Badge, Bronze Star Medal, Meritorious Service Medal with two Oak Leaf Clusters, Army Commendation Medal with three Oak Leaf Clusters, Army Achievement Medal with two Oak Leaf Clusters, Army Good Conduct Medal with two Knots, Army Reserve Component Achievement Medal, National Defense Medal with Bronze Service Star Device, Iraqi Campaign Medal with two Campaign Stars, Global War on Terrorism Service Medal, Armed Forces Reserve Medal, Non-Commissioned Officer Professional Development Ribbon with Numeral 3 Device, Army Service Ribbon, Overseas Service Ribbon, the Army Valorous Unit Award, and the Army Superior Unit Award.  Chaplain Rindahl has also been awarded the Parachutist Badge from multiple foreign nations, and the Honduran Parachute Rigger Badge.  Chaplain Rindahl was honored by the US Army Armor Branch when they declared him a Noble Patron of Armor and Cavalry.  Chaplain Rindahl was presented a pair of Combat Cavalryman’s Spurs by the commander of the 1st Battalion, 5th Cavalry Regiment.





Cactus Creek Gourmet Coffee Roasters is a Veteran owned and operated, family run business in its 15th year of operation. Our goal is to be a one stop shop for coffee shop owners and to have all necessary supplies, equipment, and services available in one convenient location. We strive to offer every one of our customers outstanding service and the freshest roasted coffee.






After 8 episodes that dealt with COVID, Doc has one final discussion around the pandemic.  We review Cactus Creek Coffee’s French Roast – WOW!  


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This week Doc Joslin goes into more details behind the next round of COVID lock downs.  This week we also start a 3 week series with Cactus Creek Coffee our of Aberdeen, North Carolina.






This week, in honor of Veteran’s Day, Doc sat down and talk to 3 other Veterans about 9/11 and the impact that this had on them. This show describes two perspectives of this historic event for America, Doc Joslin and Army Scout Marque Stacier who were in Active service during 9/11, and then Combat Medic Jonah Maddox and Army Ranger Luke Bushatz who were not yet serving. This is quite a discussion!
Happy Veteran’s Day!
This show was originally recorded to be released on 9/11, but due to production delays challenges we reserved this for Veteran’s Day.




This week Doc and Theron go over the 22 Push-Up a Day Challenge, and Veterans getting their feelings hurt on social media.


In this episode, Doc J poses an interesting analogy and asks listeners to choose which cancer they would rather have. Also, what are you doing to stay sane during these abnormal times?



This week, Doc J reviews the current COVID crisis, and reviews current events and the apparent downfall of America.



After a 6 week break from the studio, Doc Joslin returns with Therean Peplow (Episode 11). Get ready for a show all about military stereotytpes.



For Episode 17, Doc Joslin hangs out with members of the Alaska Warriors Hockey team, discusses the hostory of Veteran programs and the team’s successes and where the team is going. Doc also reviews coffee from Swatara Coffee Roasters from Pennsylvania!



This week Doc Joslin catches up with fellow Army Combat Medic Jonah Maddox.  Stay glued to your seat as the two rehash their experiences serving together with the 6th Squadron, 4th Cavalry Regiment, discuss their Afghanistan deployment, and dig into the challenges of life after the military and hitting rock bottom – only to recover and launch into stand up comedy!



This week Doc Joslin reviews the stats of the show, the equipment used in producing the weekly series and goes into Remedy Alpine programs that are active again, and gives a teaser for the expansion of virtual programs coming later this summer.



This week Doc Joslin sits with Veteran EOD Technicians and explores the stress and excitement of one of the coolest jobs in the US military arsenal. Join Air Force SMSGT Heidi Leon, Army 1SGT Russ Bower and retired Air Force MSGT Andrew Adrian as they join Doc in the studio for this explosive episode!


Episode 13

Doc Joslin and VFW Commander Derek Heavener discuss the benefits of the VFW organization and the assistance they provide to the military and Veteran community.


Episode 12

Doc Joslin and Remedy Alpine partner Luke Bushatz discuss the Remedy Alpine programs.


Episode 11

Silent Professional – Doc Joslin interviews 1 Special Forces Group Green Beret and Anchorage SWAT Sniper Theron Peplow.

Episode 10

Support the Troops! – Doc Joslin and Eric Collier review regional and national Veterans Support and Veterans Service Organizations.

Episode 9

The Pandemic Continues – Doc Joslin gives his third review and update of the COVID-19 Plandemic crisis.


Episode 8

COVID 19 Part 2 – Doc Joslin continues the situation update on the COVID 19 plandemic.


Episode 7

COVID 19 – Doc Joslin starts a discussion around the developing plandemic crisis and reviews current actions and statistics.


Episode 6

The Gratitude Episode – Doc Joslin reviews the first 5 episodes and how the show is progressing.


Episode 5

Don’t Be That Guy – Doc Joslin reviews veteran stereotypes.


Episode 4

Not Being A Statistic – This week Doc Joslin reviews Veteran statistics.


Episode 3

The Identity Crisis – Doc Joslin discussed the challenges of finding who you are after you leave the military.


Episode 2

The Transition Slide Rule – This week Doc Joslin hosts a brief discussion around challenges commonly overlooked when transitioning from the military.


Episode 1

Veteran Suicide – Doc Joslin kicks this new podcast off with a discussion on military suicide, and three factors that he believes are critical to understanding the “why”!


Pilot Episode

Pulling the Trigger – Introduction to Doc Joslin and the Bullets 2 Beans show.


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