What’s in a name?

I get asked quite a bit about the name, Bullets 2 Beans, if it has a specific meaning… The short answer it, yes – it has a specific meaning, or three or four…

The origin of the name came from a live social event that we did with Remedy Alpine, the Veterans non-profit foundation that I helped start in 2017. The concept was simple, a term that represented the virtual the transition from military life – “bullets” to the civilian sector at the end of your service – “beans” (coffee beans that is). These social gatherings were always centered around coffee, of which, I am kind of a fanatic.

As I was coming up with the design of this original concept, I was drawn to the thought of my time in the military. As a Warrior, the “bullet” concept is easy – it’s our calling card, it’s what we do, its our primary tool! A close second to the bullet for the necessary survival of pretty much any war fighter – is coffee! We live on it, we center around it, our days in the field would start and end with it!

Next as a Combat Medic, my two greatest forms of unconventional medicine were driven from these two elements: first and foremost the bullet: the best medicine on the battlefield is fire superiority – so if there were no casualties, I was on my gun engaging the enemy! My second best form of preventative medicine was coffee! I would always have two to five forms of coffee brewing apparatus in my Aid Station – and I brewed the good shit! Soldiers would come by my clinic for a cup of coffee, and while they were there, most of them would open up and share their thoughts, concerns, fears, problems… they talked? It was a true catalyst for peer to peer help when it was needed most!

As I began designing my Podcast, I could think of nothing better to title it under! This show is dedicated to military service member and Veterans. Our show topics and focus areas range from Bullets -2- Beans!

Welcome to my blog and podcast!

Stay Frosty!

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