The Strategy of Internal Dialogue

Talking to yourself… A sign of being crazy right? Only if you argue, and lose!

The importance of internal dialogue cannot be overstated – getting to know yourself, your comforts, your limits, pushing yourself… This is critical on the mountain. When climbing, even with a team, your internal dialogue, or the “voice in your head” can help push you up, or pull you down. “Working it out in your head” is sometimes the best place to work through an issue. But this can also be a self-destructive process as well.

For me, I have had many situations where my internal dialogue pushed me to levels of great success, and also crippled me to a point of complete inaction. When frozen with anxiety, it has also been my internal dialogue that has helped pull me out of the “well” where I was trapped – how ironic is that…

When you are trapped, the key to getting out of a hole, especially if you are the one who put yourself there, is transitioning from internal to external dialogue… not walking around talking to yourself out loud in public… that’s a quick ticket to the crazy bin… but rather having the self-awareness to express your concerns, fears, and anxieties to a trusted confidant – allowing yourself to be vulnerable, seeking the assistance of others, getting level set…

I find my best work is done when I have a great internal dialogue, no distraction, no interference, no outside competition for my time – when I can truly explore my thoughts – this is usually when my most creative thoughts and most critical analysis is done. Most times – when I am in this moment – I am on a mountain!

Seek time in the mountains, and seek personal greatness!

Stay Frosty!

-Doc Joslin

Doc Joslin – Working it out on Crow Pass in Alaska.

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