It’s A Matter of Perspective

When looking at anything in life, the success or failure of a project is truly a matter of perspective… Recently I took advantage of an opportunity to advertise Bullets 2 Beans in a small web based magazine. In my corporate life, I routinely manage and drive marketing and advertising campaigns, so I am familiar withContinue reading “It’s A Matter of Perspective”

Are Inconsistent Practices Driving Inconsistent Results

I have to share this story as I think it perfectly defines the challenges we are experiencing as a Nation with COVID-19. My occupation as a healthcare worker has potentially exposed me to many infectious diseases throughout my career. In the trauma center in San Antonio I was routinely exposed to potential blood bourne diseasesContinue reading “Are Inconsistent Practices Driving Inconsistent Results”

America – Falling Apart From Within

The state of affairs in our country are at an all time low. Friends and family are openly attacking one another over political ideology – mostly spurred by false narrative and hyperbolic opinions based in anything but facts. As we are just weeks away from what is likely going to be known as a turningContinue reading “America – Falling Apart From Within”

Veteran Suicide… It Hasn’t Gone Away!

Earlier this week I received information that yet another brother lost the battle to his own demons and took his life – this is not the first and unfortunately the reality is this is likely not the the last notification like this that I will receive. If you know my story (or listened to EpisodeContinue reading “Veteran Suicide… It Hasn’t Gone Away!”

Out Of The Darkness

It’s been a while… a lot has happened since the last post, the country is still reeling from the COVID-19 impact, communities across the Nation have been crippled by racial tension to the point of cities being burned literally to the ground, and even more unthinkable – there is an active insurrection in Seattle… municipalContinue reading “Out Of The Darkness”

Every Day Is Memorial Day For Some…

Memorial Day… many mistake this long weekend as the unofficial start of summer – a time to barbecue, camp, drink, celebrate – but I wonder if the masses know what they are celebrating… This somber and solemn weekend is meant to memorialize and remember our fallen Warriors – those who gave the ultimate sacrifice forContinue reading “Every Day Is Memorial Day For Some…”