Curve Balls

Sometimes, you think you have things figured out – your life is headed in a certain direction, you get comfortable and then the next thing you know, you get thrown a curve ball…

For me the first curve ball was when I was medically retired from the Army – I didn’t want to leave the service then, I was comfortable – I was recognized in my peer group… things were going my way I guess you could say. When I was told my military career was over I was devastated!

Now keep in mind, people only truly grow when they are uncomfortable…

Leaving the service was more nerve racking than my first firefight! In battle I felt comfortable – it felt somewhat natural. Transitioning to the civilian world was not what was in my cards at the time, but I had no choice.

Doc Joslin guiding in Alaska, navigating a new path!

Sometimes, you just need to learn to read the trail differently, and navigate a new path! If you are successful in one career or endeavor, chances are you will find success again, if you look back on your batting record of life, chances are you will probably see that you took a couple of good pitches – the only way to connect is to keep swinging!

Stay Frosty!

-Doc Joslin

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