Catching Up

It’s been a few days since I jumped on to express my thoughts and feelings…

Doc Joslin and Eric Collier (background) adjusting gear on Crow Pass

My thoughts right now are centered on one thing – I miss the mountains! Even though are all around me, and I have them at my disposal, the tenacity of work and emotional drain of the work tempo the last month and a half have been exhausting and de-motivating. For a while, just the glean of the sun across the ridge was enough to satisfy my mountain soul – I could appreciate them the their natural beauty, but from afar…. This is no longer curbing my appetite for the trail, it no longer pacifies my need to feel free and seek adventure.

Doc and Jason Delozier – Alaska 2019

The need to explore, relax, self-discover, reset… The drive to find this is for my own physical and emotional health is becoming overwhelming…

See you on the trail soon!

Stay Frosty!

-Doc Joslin

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