Blaze Your Own Trail

“Follow your dreams…” Simple advice, everyone knows these words – but very few actually will find the courage to navigate the route of personal challenge and self-discovery to accomplish their deepest desires and most personal dreams. There’s a daunting fear of failure, and a risk of comfort that many are not willing to risk… you must be uncomfortable to grow – no one has ever achieved greatness by being comfortable or following the status quo.

Doc Joslin – Finding his way in the Chugach Mountains 2017.

Success can be measured in many ways, for some it’s financial, for others it’s achievement of a specific career goal – for me success is measured in positive impact – what positive impacts will I have on my children, my wife, my community… What legacy of contribution will I leave in my path along my life’s journey? How will you measure your success? Will you be successful in following your dreams?

A much younger Doc Joslin in Afghanistan, 2008

Stay Frosty

-Doc Joslin

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