Every Day Is Memorial Day For Some…

Memorial Day… many mistake this long weekend as the unofficial start of summer – a time to barbecue, camp, drink, celebrate – but I wonder if the masses know what they are celebrating…

This somber and solemn weekend is meant to memorialize and remember our fallen Warriors – those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our country and to defend our freedom and liberty, those who died for the ideals of what America stands for.

Ceremonies and celebrations for fallen Warriors date back to Roman times. The first known American ceremony for fallen Soldiers was three weeks after the end of the Civil War, on May 1st, 1865, and it did not become a Federal holiday until 1971…

Doc Joslin at the Summit of Gold Star Peak, Alaska Spring 2018

So as our countrymen and women gather on this solemn weekend, and celebrate the beginning of summer – please take a moment to remember the true meaning of this holiday.

For America, remembering our Nations Warriors who fell in battle may come once a year – but for the Warriors who watched their brothers and sisters die on the battlefield – everyday will always be Memorial Day! – Until Valhalla…

-Doc Joslin

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