Mountains In The Morning

The crisp air, the solemn quiet of the morning, the internal conversation to get me going – “working it out in my head“ if you will, this is my most sacred time – me and the mountain and our moment together!

Doc Joslin and Mt Baldy, Eagle River, AK 2020

If you time it right, you can top out on the summit just in time to catch the sunrise. There is a sense of accomplishment, standing on top of a mountain before the sun crests the ridge – taking in the first pure light of the day… Knowing that no matter what the day holds, nothing can take this moment away from you, nothing can defeat this feeling… most people are still trying to muster a cup of coffee or brush their teeth, and your standing on top of a mountain – revel in the moment!

Find your morning moment, find your mountain and climb to your own greatness!

Stay Frosty!

– Doc Joslin

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