This weekend for the first time in a long time I did something – I disconnected for the weekend! No work email, no show editing, no mountain climbing or guiding – I just unplugged from reality for a couple of days and tried to relax.

Midnight view from the campground, Seward, AK

One would think that the act of relaxing would be quite easy, but for someone who is used to an excessively busy tempo and juggles 2 private businesses and a full time regional director position – shutting down takes work, it takes practice, and I still don’t always get it right!

Relaxing is a state of mind! When your mind won’t stop working and has trouble resetting itself, relaxing can be an extremely terrifying event. For the longest time the mere concept of relaxing was horrifying and seemed counterintuitive to being successful and engaged. Disengage – Really? You can’t be serious… I’ve had to learn to take “relaxing” in segments, small amounts of time and to build up a level of comfort with its presence. Imagine how unrelaxing, relaxing can be, if your unable to comprehend its purpose.

The best backdrop and scene for a weekend of “nothing”
Girdwood, Alaska

But – success was mine! 2 days camping with my wife, no agenda, a little day drinking and a couple of cookouts with the company of great friends… An adventure was had and disengagement was achieved!

Stay Frosty!

– Doc Joslin

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