Out Of The Darkness

It’s been a while… a lot has happened since the last post, the country is still reeling from the COVID-19 impact, communities across the Nation have been crippled by racial tension to the point of cities being burned literally to the ground, and even more unthinkable – there is an active insurrection in Seattle… municipal property has been forcibly seized by alleged protesters… So much has happened so fast – where to begin….

Initially I wanted to take to the cyber waves and get my opinion out and be heard, be part of the voice of reason… no body has wanted to hear a voice of reason recently- oh, believe me, people want to be heard right now but it seems no one wants to listen. So much shouting at each other, so much senseless violence, so many social justice warriors being emboldened by the law enforcement community that is frozen into inaction with cried of defunding and ending police services all together

As a Soldier, when being shot at the initial reaction is to shoot back. As a skilled, experienced and seasoned Warrior sometimes the hardest thing to do is be patient, observe fires and develop the battlefield before engaging. Well, the battlefield is fairly well developed and it’s time to engage!

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