America – Falling Apart From Within

The state of affairs in our country are at an all time low. Friends and family are openly attacking one another over political ideology – mostly spurred by false narrative and hyperbolic opinions based in anything but facts. As we are just weeks away from what is likely going to be known as a turning point in American history, the 2020 Presidential Election, we watch the aggression grow and tolerance in our society decay to an all time low.

The irony behind the chaos, mayhem and violence that we are seeing run uncontrolled in our cities in the Pacific Northwest, Midwest and even the Eastern seaboard – literally coast to coast, America is being torn apart from within; all spurred by social engineering Netbots and Troll Farms in Russia, China, Korea and Iran. Our enemies didn’t need an ICBM to cross the ocean to strike us. They didn’t need a massive deployment of thousands of troops and equipment that would cost billions of dollars and drain resources – no, they needed a few hundred hackers backed by a small network of proxy servers and a few thousand dollars – they just slowly launch a cheap, efficient and highly effective cyber insurgency and watched us tear ourselves apart – they will likely never have to fire one single shot – it looks like we will line up to do that ourselves…

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, whatever flavor of social media you subscribe to and feed your addictions from – our “me too” society quickly became hooked on the dopamine hits of ‘likes’ and ‘followers’, the self-involved movement of “my voice is more important than yours”, and “facts don’t matter as long as the video gets downloads” set the stage for the biggest cyber attack in computer history – and it will likely cause the partial if not complete downfall of the greatest nation in modern recorded history.

Buckle up America – the next 60 -90 days are going to be a wild ride…

Keep your head on a swivel and stay frosty!

– Doc Joslin

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