Veteran Suicide… It Hasn’t Gone Away!

Earlier this week I received information that yet another brother lost the battle to his own demons and took his life – this is not the first and unfortunately the reality is this is likely not the the last notification like this that I will receive. If you know my story (or listened to Episode 1 of my Podcast) you will know that I almost took this road myself. I am familiar with this temptation, I know the decision matrix, I understand its draw…

How do we stop this – well, not to insult people, but doing 22 push-ups for 22 days isn’t having an impact, except maybe on your own “feel good” meter. I did something… You did push-ups – we did them every day in the Army… The intent is good and pure, but if that is all you are doing – is making 22 Facebook posts of you doing push-ups, then stop!

This week, look for my “3 Factor Hypothesis on Veteran Suicide” to be re-posted. This is a theory that I came up with last summer, presented at a symposium in November and is being published later this year. we will never get a handle on this if we don’t understand the”Why”.

For my Brother that lost his battle last weekend – ‘Till Valhalla!’

Stay Frosty

-Doc J

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