It’s A Matter of Perspective

When looking at anything in life, the success or failure of a project is truly a matter of perspective…

Recently I took advantage of an opportunity to advertise Bullets 2 Beans in a small web based magazine. In my corporate life, I routinely manage and drive marketing and advertising campaigns, so I am familiar with the business process for a simple campaign such as this. In the weeks leading up to the edition release, I was a little concerned that I had not had a chance to preview my ad proof, and that the magazine editor basically said – answer these three questions and we will take it from here..

Well, on the release date, there was a flashy cover, evidence of diligent work from a graphic designer – you could see literally the hard work from the team that went into the publication. The social media reviews were a roar with accolades and congratulations to the editorial team. Everyone was quick with applause and adoration for this self-made project… Everyone that is, but me…

Now, not to come off hyper critical, but as a paying customer I guess my expectations were more… And although in the entrepreneurial world I am just getting my feet wet compared to many, including the magazine owner, in the word of business I am a highly accomplished Director with a proven track record of success managing a $20M+ portfolio – so my expectations were in my opinion, justified…

The point of the post is this, two highly successful business people in their own rights with two different views of the same outcome. Success and failure are merely determined by the lens with which you look at the issue. So while you may be celebrating a recent success – to others it could be a disappointing failure. And likewise – your failure that haunts you personally, could be perceived by others as a huge win… The moral of the story here – consider life though another’s lens from time to time… it may change your perspective.

Stay Frosty!

– Doc Joslin

One thought on “It’s A Matter of Perspective

  1. Whatever you get, it is a success, reward, lesson, inspiration, growth, direction or humility . All these are blessings, never choose failure as the outcome of any situation your path leads you.


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