Stop Giving A $h!t!

The greatest single piece of advice that I have heard lately, straight from GaryVee (Gary Vaynerchuk) himself – that has actually had a very dynamic impact on me personally, comes from one of Gary’s many motivational clips – where he plainly states – “stop giving a shit about what others think of you!”

Although, admittedly I’m not 100% there – I have to say that I’ve made some huge strides in this area lately – and it feels like a huge pressure off of me!

For years the weight of self consciousness was like an anchor that held me back; I would become frozen in indecision, concerned of how my looks, my comments, my actions – how my entire persona would be received by those I knew, and more ridiculously- people I didn’t know. I was always concerned with what impression I was making, maintaining the right presence and image – the right image for my family, the right image for my career – and although this sounds responsible and reasonable, I wasn’t allowing myself to experience opportunities, engage with certain people – and quite honestly, I was limiting the fun I could have been having in my life, I was restricting experiences that both my wife and I would have enjoyed!

I can’t place my hand on the specific lever that I pulled in my brain that enabled me to “let go” so to speak – but I can tell you the last few weeks have been liberating! New friends, new experiences and lots of laughs – and as I look back – my reputation hasn’t changed, my image hasn’t been impacted, my career is still intact… why did it take almost 49 years…. it doesn’t matter – I’m on a new path now!

So, when presented with an opportunity to let your hair down, take over a stage at a dive bar, or just try something new – don’t look around, don’t look back, and don’t hesitate – lean forward and enjoy the ride!

-Stay Frosty!

Doc J

One thought on “Stop Giving A $h!t!

  1. Such great advice! If only this was taught to our children in a way they understand in Middle, and again in High School! The confidence boost would allow such growth as individuals! My 3 girls have struggled so much with this..I have struggled with this my entire life and at age 43 I am starting to finally let it go!!


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