Organized Chaos

The sheer pace of work, the number of volunteer commitments that I maintain, the personal “projects” that turn into full fledged companies and part-time businesses – this self-induced stress that I seem to feed off of as fuel to keep me going… it never seems to be enough…

My desire to be successful will never stop, likely since I have yet to define exactly what success means to me… A good life for my family with opportunity, respect from my peers, children that are productive and know the meaning of work – these are a start, but not the final. At times I feel I am chasing a never ending cycle, that I will never find the end of a lifelong journey…

Doc Joslin delivering a Veteran’s Day Keynote Address
at the Anchorage Federal Building, 2016

Maybe that’s what keeps me going, maybe that’s where I find my motivation, maybe that’s how I stay centered… I find it hard to relax, it’s difficult and is actually uncomfortable for me to relax, to relax is not relaxing – this is a challenge for my family and I…

This will require more exploration, more internal dialogue and more consideration…

Until the next time – Stay Frosty!

Doc Joslin

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