Back On The Mountain

It was a feeling that I have been missing for some time now, the freedom, the open mind, the centeredness – the calming stress of walking on a mountain!

Doc Joslin on Mt. Baldy May 2020

It was a crisp chilly morning, the sun was racing the moon for it’s spot in the sky, but the moon was holding it’s prominent spot in the blue abyss above us on a perfect Alaskan morning. The team assembled sharply at 5 am, and stepped off shortly after.

The Chugach Range, May 2020

The team moved under a steady pace, some idle conversation but most of the time a gentle quiet as the six members of this morning’s collaboration allowed for their inner voice to speak – and they would listen… For the recent stresses of life under crisis has taken it’s toll on both mind and body – two things the mountain can heal… The summit view as the sun crested the ridge was exactly what the DOCtor had ordered!

Find time to redefine yourself!

Stay Frosty

-Doc Joslin

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