Blaze Your Own Trail

“Follow your dreams…” Simple advice, everyone knows these words – but very few actually will find the courage to navigate the route of personal challenge and self-discovery to accomplish their deepest desires and most personal dreams. There’s a daunting fear of failure, and a risk of comfort that many are not willing to risk… youContinue reading “Blaze Your Own Trail”

New Episode and Some Gap Analysis

I got Episode 12 produced and released on time tonight – quite the challenge as this was the first show that was recorded and produced using our new DAW “Reaper”. A bit of a learning curve from Audacity, but it is coming a long. The production process and creative part of this project I amContinue reading “New Episode and Some Gap Analysis”

The Strategy of Internal Dialogue

Talking to yourself… A sign of being crazy right? Only if you argue, and lose! The importance of internal dialogue cannot be overstated – getting to know yourself, your comforts, your limits, pushing yourself… This is critical on the mountain. When climbing, even with a team, your internal dialogue, or the “voice in your head”Continue reading “The Strategy of Internal Dialogue”