Back On The Mountain

It was a feeling that I have been missing for some time now, the freedom, the open mind, the centeredness – the calming stress of walking on a mountain!

Doc Joslin on Mt. Baldy May 2020

It was a crisp chilly morning, the sun was racing the moon for it’s spot in the sky, but the moon was holding it’s prominent spot in the blue abyss above us on a perfect Alaskan morning. The team assembled sharply at 5 am, and stepped off shortly after.

The Chugach Range, May 2020

The team moved under a steady pace, some idle conversation but most of the time a gentle quiet as the six members of this morning’s collaboration allowed for their inner voice to speak – and they would listen… For the recent stresses of life under crisis has taken it’s toll on both mind and body – two things the mountain can heal… The summit view as the sun crested the ridge was exactly what the DOCtor had ordered!

Find time to redefine yourself!

Stay Frosty

-Doc Joslin

Organized Chaos

The sheer pace of work, the number of volunteer commitments that I maintain, the personal “projects” that turn into full fledged companies and part-time businesses – this self-induced stress that I seem to feed off of as fuel to keep me going… it never seems to be enough…

My desire to be successful will never stop, likely since I have yet to define exactly what success means to me… A good life for my family with opportunity, respect from my peers, children that are productive and know the meaning of work – these are a start, but not the final. At times I feel I am chasing a never ending cycle, that I will never find the end of a lifelong journey…

Doc Joslin delivering a Veteran’s Day Keynote Address
at the Anchorage Federal Building, 2016

Maybe that’s what keeps me going, maybe that’s where I find my motivation, maybe that’s how I stay centered… I find it hard to relax, it’s difficult and is actually uncomfortable for me to relax, to relax is not relaxing – this is a challenge for my family and I…

This will require more exploration, more internal dialogue and more consideration…

Until the next time – Stay Frosty!

Doc Joslin

Blaze Your Own Trail

“Follow your dreams…” Simple advice, everyone knows these words – but very few actually will find the courage to navigate the route of personal challenge and self-discovery to accomplish their deepest desires and most personal dreams. There’s a daunting fear of failure, and a risk of comfort that many are not willing to risk… you must be uncomfortable to grow – no one has ever achieved greatness by being comfortable or following the status quo.

Doc Joslin – Finding his way in the Chugach Mountains 2017.

Success can be measured in many ways, for some it’s financial, for others it’s achievement of a specific career goal – for me success is measured in positive impact – what positive impacts will I have on my children, my wife, my community… What legacy of contribution will I leave in my path along my life’s journey? How will you measure your success? Will you be successful in following your dreams?

A much younger Doc Joslin in Afghanistan, 2008

Stay Frosty

-Doc Joslin

Catching Up

It’s been a few days since I jumped on to express my thoughts and feelings…

Doc Joslin and Eric Collier (background) adjusting gear on Crow Pass

My thoughts right now are centered on one thing – I miss the mountains! Even though are all around me, and I have them at my disposal, the tenacity of work and emotional drain of the work tempo the last month and a half have been exhausting and de-motivating. For a while, just the glean of the sun across the ridge was enough to satisfy my mountain soul – I could appreciate them the their natural beauty, but from afar…. This is no longer curbing my appetite for the trail, it no longer pacifies my need to feel free and seek adventure.

Doc and Jason Delozier – Alaska 2019

The need to explore, relax, self-discover, reset… The drive to find this is for my own physical and emotional health is becoming overwhelming…

See you on the trail soon!

Stay Frosty!

-Doc Joslin

New Episode and Some Gap Analysis

I got Episode 12 produced and released on time tonight – quite the challenge as this was the first show that was recorded and produced using our new DAW “Reaper”. A bit of a learning curve from Audacity, but it is coming a long.

Bullets 2 Beans Studio in Eagle River

The production process and creative part of this project I am finding very therapeutic. My day to day full-time grind is so analytical and process driven, that I rarely dig into my creative talents – the podcast is helping to close that gap.

I recommend doing some “gap analysis” on your life – find where the holes are, where you are unfulfilled and then work to fill in the gaps. Your life is a journey – make sure you navigate the trail of your life journey with the best adventure that you can fit in!

Stay Frosty!

-Doc Joslin

Curve Balls

Sometimes, you think you have things figured out – your life is headed in a certain direction, you get comfortable and then the next thing you know, you get thrown a curve ball…

For me the first curve ball was when I was medically retired from the Army – I didn’t want to leave the service then, I was comfortable – I was recognized in my peer group… things were going my way I guess you could say. When I was told my military career was over I was devastated!

Now keep in mind, people only truly grow when they are uncomfortable…

Leaving the service was more nerve racking than my first firefight! In battle I felt comfortable – it felt somewhat natural. Transitioning to the civilian world was not what was in my cards at the time, but I had no choice.

Doc Joslin guiding in Alaska, navigating a new path!

Sometimes, you just need to learn to read the trail differently, and navigate a new path! If you are successful in one career or endeavor, chances are you will find success again, if you look back on your batting record of life, chances are you will probably see that you took a couple of good pitches – the only way to connect is to keep swinging!

Stay Frosty!

-Doc Joslin


To me, there is no greater feeling than being on a team! We all have different teams in life – my wife and I are a team and have been for over 22 years, in the military I had the opportunity to be a member of various teams that built long lasting relationships that continue to this day.

The camaraderie, mutual support, peer mentorship and overall momentum that we gain from our fellow team members, and the new limits that we push each other too is part of how we achieve greatness. Without a team, we will likely only push ourselves so far.

The Remedy Alpine Team – Eric, Doc and Luke!

Find your team, find your Tribe – don’t try to navigate the trails of life on your own!

End of Day Thought!

In everything that you do, be sure that you remain true to who you are inside. The world can pull you in various directions, challenge the very nature of what you believe in, and will try to get you to conform to societal norms… Although contributing to your community and being a productive member of our society and family is critical, never lose sight of who you are!

Doc Joslin – in HIS natural element!

Stay Frosty!

-Doc Joslin

The Strategy of Internal Dialogue

Talking to yourself… A sign of being crazy right? Only if you argue, and lose!

The importance of internal dialogue cannot be overstated – getting to know yourself, your comforts, your limits, pushing yourself… This is critical on the mountain. When climbing, even with a team, your internal dialogue, or the “voice in your head” can help push you up, or pull you down. “Working it out in your head” is sometimes the best place to work through an issue. But this can also be a self-destructive process as well.

For me, I have had many situations where my internal dialogue pushed me to levels of great success, and also crippled me to a point of complete inaction. When frozen with anxiety, it has also been my internal dialogue that has helped pull me out of the “well” where I was trapped – how ironic is that…

When you are trapped, the key to getting out of a hole, especially if you are the one who put yourself there, is transitioning from internal to external dialogue… not walking around talking to yourself out loud in public… that’s a quick ticket to the crazy bin… but rather having the self-awareness to express your concerns, fears, and anxieties to a trusted confidant – allowing yourself to be vulnerable, seeking the assistance of others, getting level set…

I find my best work is done when I have a great internal dialogue, no distraction, no interference, no outside competition for my time – when I can truly explore my thoughts – this is usually when my most creative thoughts and most critical analysis is done. Most times – when I am in this moment – I am on a mountain!

Seek time in the mountains, and seek personal greatness!

Stay Frosty!

-Doc Joslin

Doc Joslin – Working it out on Crow Pass in Alaska.

Remembering the good ol’ days

I have to admit , whenever I am asked if I miss my time in the Army , my answer is always the same – EVERY MINUTE! I loved what I did. I served as a Combat Medic for 20 years, I was good at what I did, was highly trained and well respected. I loved taking care of the Warfighter – and now I am trying to bring that same passion and same energy to Bullets 2 Beans! Subscribe and get each weeks episode in your download list. Drop me a message at with show comments or suggestions.

Stay Frosty!

-Doc Joslin

My favorite patient in Afghanistan…